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Die Chromatexperten
The Chromate experts



Safety for people and the environment

Reduction of chromium (VI) compounds (chromates)** in the workplace, especially at

Combined heat and power plants*
Gas and steam turbines*
Emergency power generators*
Machinery and equipment*

as well as preventing the creation of further carcinogenic and environmentally harmful substances in accordance with EU Directive 2004/37/EC or ArbSchG, GefstoffV and all valid "technical guidelines for hazardous substances" (TRGS) according to the prescribed "S-T-O-P" principle (GefStoffV, ChemG etc. )

*with thermal insulation containing alkaline and/or alkaline earth metals

** in particular calcium and/or sodium chromate

​Advice, creation and implementation of:

  • Risk assessmenten

  • Substitution tests

  • Risk concepts

  • Operating instructions

  • Instructions

  • Exposure inventories

  • Substitution tests

  • Decontaminations

  • substitution

  • disposal

  • Certification

Chromates canbe everywhere!Even whereYou maybe everyonego on for the day

Gasturbine isoliert Calciumchromat


“Replace hazardous substances and processes with less dangerous or non-hazardous substances and processes”*

*derived from 2004/37/EC, adapted in the GefStoffV

In addition to minimum standards, the Hazardous Substances Ordinance regulates protective measures concepts that build on one another.


These protective measures include measures for substitution, technical, organizational and personal protective measures and specifications and criteria for testing effectiveness.

Calciumchromat Turbolader Innio


Proper and legally compliant risk assessment when handling carcinogenic substances (chromates)

Hexavalent chromium compounds, such as calcium or sodium chromate, are classified worldwide as "carcinogenic 1B" (H350) and "chronically toxic to aquatic organisms with long-term effects" (H410).

Employees and service personnel who may come into contact with such substances must be given special information and protection by the employer; A package of measures for employees and the workplace is required by law.

The chromate experts provide advice as an external authority and monitor the initiation of all necessary measures.

Chromatexperten STOP-Prinzip Arbeitsschutz


Chromium (VI) compounds (chromates)

Chromates such as calcium chromate (CaCrO4) or sodium chromate (Na2CrO4) are created in combined heat and power plants or other technical systems through the use of today's common high-temperature insulation because they contain alkali or alkaline earth metals and are thermochemically linked to system components containing chromium such as exhaust pipes, compensators, turbochargers, etc. at higher temperatures Application temperatures (from 300°C) react and can form carcinogenic and environmentally toxic chromium (VI) compounds (chromates).

Calciumchromat BHKW-Motor Innio
Chromatexperten Substitution Isolierung calciumfrei



High-temperature insulation containing alkali and/or alkaline earth metals tends to thermochemically form carcinogenic chromium (VI) compounds (chromates, especially calcium chromate).

Substituting these insulation systems with insulation systems that are free of alkaline and alkaline earth metals prevents the formation of chromates in the workplace and thus contributes to occupational safety and environmental protection.

The chromate experts will help you as an operator of combined heat and power plants and/or cogeneration systems to carry out this substitution because:

no calcium - no calcium chromate

no sodium - no sodium chromate

Together with the company Kavarmat s.c. - The Cleansulation company developed alkaline and alkaline earth metal-free high-temperature insulation.




In particular, maintenance work on gas and diesel engines leads to exposure to carcinogenic chromium (VI) compounds, especially calcium chromate, which often appears as yellowish dust. 


Before the replacement of the harmful insulation systems can take place, the contaminated insulation elements must be uninstalled and disposed of. 


The engine hot parts must be thoroughly cleaned and thus decontaminated before substitution begins.

The work involved is coordinated by the chromate experts and carried out in close consultation with the clients.

Chromatexperten Dekontaminierung BHKW Motor (Chrom (VI))
calciumfreie BHKW-Isolierungen

The chromate experts

Innovation and excellence through substitution

Alkaline and alkaline earth metal-free high-temperature insulation systems for combined heat and power plants, emergency power generators and other technical systems to prevent the formation of carcinogenic and environmentally harmful chromium (VI) compounds.

No calcium - No calcium chromate

No sodium - No sodium chromate

Chromatexperten mit Calciumchromat kontaminierte Mineralwolle

Insulating materials contaminated with chromate are classified as hazardous waste.

Not only the dismantled insulation, but also the protective clothing worn during the work carried out, as well as all associated aids used during decontamination, must be stored under special conditions and disposed of properly!


The chromate experts will help you with these things until all work is completed and will ensure that not only the workplace is safe again, but that the environment is also protected   

Chromates in the workplace

The carcinogenic chromium (VI) compounds can form wherever insulation materials containing alkali and/or alkaline earth metals come into contact with hot parts containing chromium at temperatures above 250°C.


The so-called “chromate disaster” is a global problem whose explosiveness is only slowly being realized.

The chromate experts will help you restore safety for people and the environment!

Biogas Chromate CHP engines, chrome (VI)

Biogas plants

Manufacturing company CHP chromates, Cr6 compounds, gas engine

Manufacturing companies

CHP engine, chromate decontamination

CHP engines

Chromate experts Chromate on turbines in factories


Chromatexperten Kraftwerk Chromate Isolierungen

power plants



Trust the specialists for:


  • Occupational health and safety

  • sustainable insulation solutions

  • professional chromate decontamination

  • proper disposal

Occupational safety (SiFa)

Stephan Effinowicz, chromate expert

  • Occupational safety (SiFa)

  • Fire protection

  • Environmental protection and energy management

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