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Chromatexperten Dekontamination Chromat Isolierung Blockheizkraftwerk

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Decontamination and substitution

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CEO Kavarmat s.c.

  • decontamination

  • substitution

  • Alkaline and alkaline earth metal-free high-temperature insulation

Markus Sommer, Chromatexperte

If insulation materials containing calcium have previously led to the formation of carcinogenic chromates, materials must be developed that prevent this formation, even if it is difficult at the beginning to question what has actually been tried and tested.

But the health of those who come into contact with our products must always come first.


The decontamination of substances that are harmful to health and environmentally toxic is a top priority; The risk to people and nature is too high.

The subsequent substitution then gives everyone involved the necessary security.

We have to submit to this obligation in order to offer benefits.


Chromium-containing engine hot parts or components of the exhaust pipes (e.g. in combined heat and power plants) that were previously provided with thermal insulation containing calcium (textile) are often contaminated with carcinogenic calcium chromate due to thermochemical reactions.


After deinstalling the previous insulation elements, the previously insulated components must be cleaned very thoroughly.


Alkaline and alkaline earth metal-free insulation materials can effectively prevent the formation of carcinogenic chromium (VI) compounds, especially calcium chromate:

no calcium - no calcium chromate 

Chromatexperten Dekontamination Isolierung Blockheizkraftwerke Chrom (VI)
Chromatexperten Substitution Isolierung calciumfrei


The obligation to test for substitution in accordance with the Hazardous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV) is complied with and since the risk of chromate formation no longer exists after substitution of the previous insulation systems, the substitution not only makes sense, but is also technically and economically feasible and can therefore be carried out.

The picture shows the successful substitution of thermal insulation (insulation) of a gas engine in a combined heat and power plant.

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