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SEEF Cr6 Analyse outdoor Chromatexperten
Ferdy de Smet, CEO SEEF B.V., NL, Chromatexperte

Ferdy de Smet

Chromate expert


Tolweg 11
4851 SJ, Ulvenhout

SEEF B.V. - Chromate experts

Chromate research and Cr6 laboratory analysis

we offeron site Tests to determine whether an object contains chromate (hexavalent chromium compounds). The company SEEF B.V. Patented analysis technology is insensitive to interference from substances such as zinc and aluminum, making their method the only 100% reliable detection on the market.


In addition to chromium (VI) analysis, we also perform analyzes for other heavy metals and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs).

In the chromate experts' laboratory, analyzes are carried out based on the recognized Dutch NEN5617:2022 method, supplemented by our own patented method.


This approach makes the method insensitive to interference from metals such as zinc and aluminum and enables chromate experts to be the only laboratory to perform reliable analyzes on samples containing metallic zinc or aluminum.

SEEF Cr6 Analyse Chromatexperten

Cr6 exposure research and studies

Chromate exposure analysis

Chromate removal

EURAL code

The NEN689 exposure study is a standardized method for measuring exposure to hazardous substances and other risk factors in the workplace. As part of the research, your employees' exposure to these substances and risk factors is examined and measurements are carried out. 


These measurements are then analyzed and reported, giving us insight into the potential health risks and, if necessary, taking action to reduce them.

As part of chromate detection using Cr6 rapid tests, samples are taken from the contaminated object, which can then be analyzed in the laboratory.

Regardless of whether it is contamination with chromium (VI) compounds due to the use of insulation containing calcium (calcium chromate, CaCrO4), or steel coatings with paints and/or varnishes containing chromate; The chromate experts analyze, provide the necessary evidence, but also know how the contaminated (chromate-contaminated) objects must be decontaminated or disposed of.

As experts in the field of hazardous substances, we are aware of the importance of proper and safe disposal of waste and the associated economic interests.

As chromate experts, we determine the corresponding so-called "EURAL codes" for you, i.e. the exact classification of the waste to be disposed of according to the European waste list.


By using this service from us, you can be assured that the scrap metal can be disposed of in a safe and legal manner. 

Additionally, we provide complete transparency and documentation of the process, giving you complete control and insight into how your waste is disposed of.

chromathaltige Lacke und Farben, Chromatexperten
SEEF Cr6 Analyse Farbe und Lacke, Chromatexperten
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