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Es ist kein Schwefel - Chromate am Arbeitsplatz

It is not Sulphur
Chromates in the workplace

Stephan Effinowicz

Volkan Parlak

Ferdy de Smet

Markus Sommer

The Chromate Experts inform you

All findings and background information on chromate formation

After more than four years of intensive research into the formation of carcinogenic and environmentally toxic chromium (VI) compounds (chromates, in particular calcium chromate (CaCrO4)) when insulating materials containing alkali and/or alkaline earth metals are used, the guidelines provide

It is not sulfur - chromates in the workplace

a complete overview of the history and current state of knowledge with scientific studies, examples from practice, comments on occupational and environmental protection, options for prevention (substitution) and also explains health consequences due to conscious or unconscious exposure.

Please download the guide here or click on the image below

Calciumchromat textile Isolierung Blockheizkraftwerk
Chromatexperten Chrom (VI) (Chromate) durch calciumhaltige Isolierungen auf Blockheizkraft

Images of the guide to download

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