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The chromate experts

Transport and disposal

Hexavalent chromium (VI) compounds, including calcium chromate, are not only carcinogenic, but also environmentally harmful, dangerous substances, with long-term consequences for the water balance (hazard class H410).

Due to their toxicity, chromate-contaminated old insulation and thus the dismantled (textile) insulation elements are "special waste that requires labeling" and must be specially transported and disposed of.

Volkan Parlak

Chromate expert

  • ♻ Waste representative according to § 59 - 60 KrWG    

  • ♻ Raw material trading with FE scrap & Non-ferrous metals

  • ♻ Industrial dismantling

My area of responsibility

  • Monitoring the disposal routes from the creation or delivery of the waste to its recycling or disposal

  • Monitoring compliance with legal regulations related to waste generation and disposal

  • Educating employees about possible harmful environmental impacts and how to properly handle waste

  • Developing proposals and introducing measures to reduce waste

  • Work towards improving the process of facilities where waste is recovered or disposed of

  • Preparation of an annual report on measures taken and intended in connection with waste generation and disposal

Chromatexperten Entsorgung calciumhaltige Isolierungen BHKW Chrom (VI)
Volkan Parlak, Chromatexperte.jpeg

Metal Recycling Parlak (MRP) is available for your production sites in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Italy.


Take advantage of our professional service portfolio including our experience and market knowledge, especially when it comes to the disposal of chromate-contaminated insulation waste in combined heat and power plants and other energy-generating systems.

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